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Introduction: John Nolen, New Ideals in Planning

Villages, Towns and Cities

Routledge Press 2014

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Publications 1997-2015

The Roots of the New Urbanism: John Nolen's Garden City Ethic

Journal of Planning History, May 2002

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John Nolen's Legacy and the New Urbanism

View, Summer 2014

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Visions of Eden:

Environmentalism, Urban Planning and City Building in St. Petersburg, Florida, 

Ohio State Press 1997

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A Vision of Green: Lewis Mumford's

Legacy in Portland, Oregon

APA Journal, Summer 1999

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The Rape of Boca Ciega Bay

Paradise Lost? The Environmental History of Florida

University Press of Florida, 2005

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Halting Sprawl: Designing Communities to Connect

People and Protect Nature

Forum, Fall 2007



Urban Environmental History: The Essence of a Contradiction

Journal of Urban History, September 2005

La Bonne Vie: An Experiment in Civilization

The Seaside Pienza Institute, September 2006


John Nolen Landscape Architect and City Planner 

Library of Am Landscape History/U. Mass Press, 2015 

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