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Publications 2015-2022

Portland's Good Life:

Sustainability and Hope in an American City 

Lexington Books, 2021

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John Nolen: Racism and City Planning

View 2015

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Rollins Golden Age

Florida's Golden Age:

1880-1930 The Rollins College Colloquy 2017

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Utopian Plans for the Modern Age: John Nolen, Lewis Mumford and the Origins of Sustainability 

Journal of City Planning History 2018

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Rollins College and Winter Park:

Exemplars of the American Renaissance 

The Classicist: 2020

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The Lessons of the Iconic Planned Community

Iconic Planned Communities and the Challenge of Change

University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019

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The Natural Aesthetic of the Naked God

The Wilder Heart of Florida

University Press of Florida, 2021

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A Vision of Green: Lewis Mumford's

Legacy in Portland, Oregon

APA Journal, Summer 1999

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Visions of Eden: Environmentalism, Urban Planning and City Building in St. Petersburg, Florida, 1990-1995

Published 1997

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